Finalists for 2023 Junior High 4-H Academic Conference Announced

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Lynne Middleton, Curriculum Specialist, interim

Congratulations to those who have been selected to attend the 2023 Junior High 4-H Academic Conference on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus. Each finalist will receive more information from their 4-H agent with specifics about the conference.

For more information or specific questions, please contact Lynne Middleton.

Once again, congratulations to our selected leaders listed below:

Jake Ozburn, Bedford County
Hudson West, Macon County
Haley Poynor, Williamson County
Alice Ogan, Anderson County
Korbin Henderson, McMinn County
Jaxson Jennings, McMinn County
Anna Claire Kelley, Henderson County
Rebecca Blackston, Lawrence County
Cody Abel, Carroll County
Addison Williamson, Giles County

Addison Mullican, Coffee County
Anna Reynolds, Coffee County
Madelynn Donnell, Sumner County
EmmaGrace Bridges, Anderson County
Isabella Jenkins, Loudon County
Addison Rountree, McMinn County
Carter Blakney, Henderson County
Tommy Cummins, Henderson County
Lydia Sumrock, Carroll County

Communications/Public Speaking
Bryant Hirschler, Rutherford County
Faith Hirschler, Rutherford County
Abigail Hurt, Williamson County
Asher Millsap, Johnson County
Danni Hammon, Campbell County
Bella Sampieri, Campbell County
Asher Michalski, Lawrence County
Dominic Michalski, Lawrence County

Companion Animals
Caroline Teal, Coffee County
Emma Thompson, Pickett County
Lexis Walton, Cumberland County
Bella Kate Finchum, Jefferson County
Brooklyn McKee, Loudon County
Madison McCollum, Henderson County
Isabelly Melson, Henderson County
Madison McKnight, Henderson County
Madison Morris, Henderson County

Computers & Technology
Hazel Capps, Knox County
William Burke, Washington County
Damien Comerford, Henderson County
James Arnold, Henderson County
Sophie Hendrix, Henry County

Consumer Economics
Scotlynn Osterhaus, Bedford County
Allie Waller, Bedford County
Tallen Haag, Robertson County
Briley Gray, Anderson County
Ainsley Smith, Jefferson County
Laila Lucier, Loudon County
Zerena Durrenberger, Henderson County

Creative Arts & Design
Laura Cothran, Bedford County
Anne Gammons, Macon County
Esther Russell, Maury County
Ella Smith, Jefferson County
Charlotte Capps, Knox County
Maggie Malone, Sullivan County
Arianna Gear, Obion County
Brooklin Priest, Henderson County
Vivian Staten, Henderson County
Emily Wilson, Jefferson County

Dairy Cattle
Ansley O’Brien, Bedford County
Brittany Palmore, Robertson County
Jolene Chitwood, Knox County
Laila Russell, Sumner County

Evelyn Shatto, Cheatham County
Joseph Stawicki, Overton County

Food Science & Nutrition/Health/Fitness
Evelyn Terrell, Cheatham County
Cora Clouse, Overton County
Sophie Thompson, Pickett County
Kevin Lawrence, Hamilton County
Ella Pillion, Meigs County
Aaron Burke, Washington County
William Gattung, Wayne County
Ashton Charles, Madison County
Lena Carter, Tipton County
Adriana Morris, Henderson County

Elliott Weaver, Coffee County
Lincoln Cline, Wilson County
Skylar Terrell, Anderson County
Nora Aslinger, Hamilton County
Kaden Bing, Hamilton County
Darah Moreland, Hamilton County
Cadence Guinn, Carroll County
Justin White, Henderson County
Dillon Devlin, Henderson County
Ben Jackson, Shelby County

Kaylin Osterhaus, Bedford County
Katie Elliott, Lincoln County
Veronica Vogel, Lawrence County
Ila McPeake, Henderson County
Alexus Walker, Henderson County

Addie Brown, Coffee County
Samantha Johnson, Coffee County
Jacey Harris, Overton County
Jenna Kate Lawson, Bradley County
Brooklyn Bales, Jefferson County
Cole West, Monroe County
Brooklin Maness, Henderson County
Preston Brunt, Henderson County
Jesse Gaugh, Madison County
Ruth Ann Hall, Blount

Triniti Kelsor, DeKalb County
Morgan Roberson, Macon County
Violet Pinzur, Trousdale County
Abi Kinsey, Jefferson County
Jesse Walters, Sevier County
Suanna Williams, Henderson County
Genevieve Maclin, Henderson County

Outdoor Recreation
Edgar Garcia, Bedford County
Avery Williamson, Giles County
Theo Burks, Warren County
Aleeya Mills, Campbell County
Cassidy Ross, Knox County
Logan Airstop, Washington County
Wyatt Draffin, Tipton County
Nicholas Castleman, Tipton County
Brycen Pannell, Tipton County
Trevor Johnson, Henderson County

Performing Arts
Annsley Watkins, Giles County
Loraly Ashburn, Smith County
Danni Leigh Conder, Anderson County
Tinley Hammac, Campbell County
Levi Ward, Sullivan County
Alisha Davis, Montgomery County
Safara Sellers, Tipton County
Alyvia Baxter, Madison County

Layla Jones, Bedford County
Kylee Hix, Clay County
Hunter Rigsby, Warren County
Bryli Bivens, Monroe County
Bella Black, Monroe County
Macy Gourley, Monroe County
Vincent Vogel, Lawrence County
Dawson McDaniel, Tipton County
Charlotte Danks, Henry County
Ian Johnson, Macon County

Kinsleigh Blackburn, Bedford County
Holston Neal, Giles County
Weston Thames, Williamson County
Bryleigh Braden, Lawrence County
Baylee Brown, Anderson County
Levi Johnson, Campbell County

Jasper Donaldson, Clay County
Mary Ella Blankenship, Macon County
Carter West, Macon County
Landon Wilson, Cumberland County
Zettie Chitwood, Knox County
Kaylee Bishop, Benton County
Molly Belyew, Benton County
Rachel Burks, Clay County
Jonah Chitwood, Knox County

Vet Science
Wyatt Tanner, Lincoln County
Paili Doyle, Williamson County
Samuel Cordray, Wilson County
Beau Duvall, Hamilton County
Claire Lumpkins, Knox County
Emma Rue, McMinn County
Sadie Van Huesen, Wayne County
Hayden Hughes, Henry County
Jacob King, Decatur County