G.L. Herrington Agricultural Scholarship Application

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Carmen G. Burgos, Extension Specialist

The G.L. Herrington Agricultural Scholarship is open to any incoming freshman studying in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville next fall. The Herrington Scholarship is a $1,000 award.

To apply, please go to our website page where forms and materials are located and scroll down to “Scholarships” where you will find several document to assist you with using the online program for scholar- ship applications.

Reminder: This process is different from the paper process. Applicants need to call their agent(s) and ask when the application is due for the county review. G.L Herrington applications are to be submitted online on or before March 1, 2018. G.L Harrington applications will not be accepted after that date.

Follow all instruction in the guide. An application without a proper transcript (with students name on it) will not be considered for judging.

In addition to the G.L Harrington Scholarship, applicants can also apply for other scholarships at this time. If you have questions, please send an e-mail to Carmen Burgos.