Growing Clover Fundraiser Available to Counties

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Ryan Hensley, Executive Director, TN 4-H Foundation

Over the last few months, several counties have shown interest in Bloom for Good’s Growing Clo- ver Fundraising opportunity. The Tennessee 4-H Foundation worked with Bloom for Good to make it easier for you to participate. Growing the Clover offers supporters access to an “Online Savings Portal”. Think about it as an online coupon book. There are 2 options available for those wishing to participate.

Option 1 – The Card Campaign

You can choose to purchase physical cards for $3 each and then offer those cards for $10. The card will have an access code that will allow the donor access to the online saving portal. There is a mini- mum order of 100 cards and up to 10% of the cards can be returned if unsold.

Visit the Growing Clover website to sign up for the card option.

Option 2 – Camps, Conferences, and Competitions Online Giving Site

This option allows individual youth or counties to create an online giving site. The donor has the option of giving between $10 and $100. When the donation is complete, donors will receive an email with a code that will allow access to the online savings portal.

Visit the Growing Clover website to sign up for the online option.

Please watch this video for more information.

Ryan Hensley
Executive Director
Tennessee 4-H Foundation

Growing Clover

70 % Fundraising Profit

Choose one or both programs:
Online Fundraising or Our In-Hand Card.

When you Sell:
The 12-month Growing Clover Savings & Travel Memberhships for $10

Your supporters receive: an online/app based savings platform with 340,000 savings + $100 travel Voucher included.

Growing Clover
Growing Clover

Growing Clover

70 % Fundraising Profit


Your County:
Online Fundraising
Unrestricted Funding
Easy to Set Up

Your State:
Unrestricted Funding
Supports Foundations

Your Youth:
Fund Camps and Trips
Set and Achieve Goals
Experience Leadership

Choose One or Both Programs

Online Fundraising or Our In-Hand Card.

Learn more at the Growing Clover website or email Jessies.