How are Your e-Portfolios Coming Along?

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

The May 12 deadline for e-portfolio submission is rapidly approaching. I have had the opportunity to visit with several of you via regional meetings regarding your efforts. A couple of things that I wanted to share:

DEADLINE: May 12 at 11:59 p.m.


Absolutely! The one area that you need to watch for is the Showcase. If your 4-H’er has a Showcase that highlights a special project and that fits both the main project record and either citizenship or leadership … then let that Showcase ride as it is! Many 4-H’ers though, have specific showcases – a big project/highlight for the main project and then another showcase for citizenship and/or leadership. If the latter is the case, then just add a second page for a new Showcase. Therefore, their website would have two Showcases – one for the main project and one for citizenship/leadership.

Portfolio judging will begin May 13.

Please refer back to your state assignments. Each region identified 20 agents to judge BOTH scholarships and e-portfolios. I am in the process of double checking the list with the regions. If you are on the list you will receive instructions from me on May 13. Again, all judging will be conducted online this year.

Yes. The e-portfolio is continuing in the same way that it has for the last couple of years. If your 4-H’er does not make the top twelve (12) with his/her e-portfolio score, then they will be given a chance to submit for another project area. You will be notified around the first of June with this in- formation.

Judges are given approximately two weeks to judge the e-portfolios. Scores then have to be tabulated and resubmissions configured. You can expect results around the second week of June.