I Bet You Have These Questions Too!

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

Junior high portfolios are due in the region offices soon. Senior high portfolios are due in May. The phone lines and email are blowing up with questions about portfolios. I am so excited!  Our trainings that took place last fall seem like a lifetime ago. I started “collecting” questions about portfolios in January. Please note – the information I am sharing pertains to senior high portfolios only.  Each region conducts the junior high portfolio contest and each region does it differently. Please check with your Regional Area 4-H Specialists for specific guidelines regarding junior high portfolios. For those of you with questions about your senior high portfolios, I thought that I would share a few of the questions that I have received with you:

Questions / Answers / Comments:

Of course! To unpublish a site, follow the following steps:

  • click to access your “site manager”
  • click “unpublish” in the publish status section
  • click “unpublish” to confirm

You may publish at any time and will need to publish to submit the portfolio to the state contest, but please be sure that your 4-H’er uses password protection when publishing so that no one can find/view his/her website without the password.

Using the tool bar, select the “add” (icon with the plus sign) icon. Scroll to “gallery” and select “slider (arrow)” to reinsert the photo gallery. Be careful and double check – you may need to add a description text box and other features to make the photo gallery look like the original. Judges are not interested in whether the gallery you are using is exactly like the someone elses. They will be following the rubric and looking for a specific number of photos, whether or not they are labeled or described, clear, relevant, action-oriented, etc…

You can get help at any time by simply clicking the “HELP” tab on the front of the Wix page!

Please read the article in this issue entitled “A Case Where Hindsight is 20/20.”

We are in website limbo right now. All of the 2019 documents, forms, guidelines, training re- sources, etc… can be found on our What Interests You page.

As a reminder, judging begins on senior high portfolios on May 9. If you have questions, please contact your regional office.