Curriculum Corner

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Lynne Middleton, Interim State 4-H Curriculum Specialist

It’s a new year! Let’s make the most of it.

My resolution for 2022 is to keep learning. I want to have learned something new before I lay my head down in bed each night. What are your new years’ resolutions?

As we start this new year, we are excited about the new opportunities. Recently published lesson plans have been posted to the in-school lesson database along with new project area guides. 

Thank you to all agents who showed interest in serving on the new Curriculum Development Teams in the areas of Global/Cultural Awareness and Healthy Living. Congratulations to the agents who were chosen to represent each region:
Global/Cultural Awareness
Maria Sabin, Eastern Region
James McMillion, Eastern Region
Nicole Marrero, Central Region
Aliyah Young, Central Region
Tonya Bain, Western Region
Tracy Hagan, Western Region
Anica Alderman, Western Region
Healthy Living
Brigitte Passman, Western
Brooke Compton, Western
Shelby Boyer, Central
Roseann Dodson, Central
Amber Minor, Eastern
Amy Fellhoelter, Eastern
The new teams will begin meeting in late January with a goal of developing curriculum that can be used statewide focusing on these topic areas.

New publications are being developed daily! If you have a specific need for curriculum or have questions, please reach out to Lynne Middleton.