Curriculum Corner: 4-H Connections BioBox

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Lynne Middleton, Interim State 4-H Curriculum Specialist

CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!  It is a great day when we can announce that some of our 4-H Agents have been selected to receive program resources at no cost to them. 
Congratulations to the following counties and 4-H Agents that were selected to pilot a 4-H Connections BioBox:

Eastern Region
Campbell – John Taylor
Scott – Amelia Sturgill

Rutherford – Amy Willis
Lincoln – Tina Masiello

Perry – Hope Simons
Stewart – Bret Wallace

The State 4-H Office partnered with the Biology in a Box program that is conducted in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UTK. The collaboration built a hands-on, interactive educational box called the “4-H Connections BioBox.” Inside the 4-H BioBox, there are ten lessons and all the supplies needed to teach the lessons to at least 30 youth. A call was sent out for Extension Agents to apply and there were 18 applicants.

The topics included in each box are:

• Introduction to 4-H: “Exploring 4-H”
• Safety: “Spray What,” & “Illuminating Germs”
• Calculating Probability: “Roll the Dice”
• Wildlife: “Slap Snack Alarm”
• Wildlife: “Slap Snack Mimic”
• Wildlife: “Who Walked Here?” (example attached)
• Wildlife: “What Did You Eat?”
• Wildlife: “The Scoop on Poop”
• Wildlife: “What’s that Smell?” (example attached)

Arrangements will be made to deliver the BioBoxes to the selected agents in mid-April. These agents will have until the end of July to implement programming and give feedback before the next round of agents are invited to apply for the BioBox.

If you have questions about the 4-H Connections BioBox or anything curriculum-related, feel free to reach out to Lynne Middleton.