February 2022 Animal Science In-Services

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Aaron Fisher, Extension Specialist Animal Science

The 4-H Animal Science Agent In-services are scheduled for early February. Below are the dates and locations. Each daily session is planned from 8:30am-4pm local time at each location.

Agents from each region will be involved in the teaching of these sessions, so it is a great opportunity for an Animal Science update as well as hearing about success stories from your peers. These sessions were planned by the Agent In-service subcommittee of the 4-H Animal Science Workgroup (Martin Koon, Staci Foy, Tori Pritchett and Walter Malone).

Monday, February 7 – Jackson
Tuesday, February 8 – Murfreesboro
Wednesday, February 9 – Knoxville

The meeting agenda will look something like this:

  • Session 1 (50 mins) – 4-H Animal Science General Overview
  • Session 2 (50 mins) – Recruiting the Volunteer
  • Session 3 (50 mins)  – Animal Science Curriculum, training resources, and other opportunities
  • Lunch – provided
  • Session 4 (40 mins) – Rules and Guidelines
  • Session 5 (40 mins) – Entry Forms, Showare, Registration Papers, Health Care Requirement
  • Session 6 (40 mins) – Planning and Conducting a County Livestock (chick chain)/Horse Show
  • Session 7 (40 mins) – Tagging and Tattooing

Specific meeting locations can be found when you register in SUPER

If you have questions, contact Aaron Fisher.