Greetings from Louisiana

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Justin Crowe, 4-H Director and State Program Leader

Last week UT and TSU administration had the opportunity to sit down with representatives from all of the professional associations. These agents brought forth questions from their membership, which is composed of county, regional, and state staff in all program areas. These questions were thought-provoking and intentional to make sure we were providing answers and clarity to our staff across the state.

This process is important, but it doesn’t have to take place only while this meeting is convened.
Ask questions.
Seek answers.
Ask for clarity when you are not sure about something.
This is why we have regional and state staff to assist you with needs and help you find answers to be more prepared to do your work.

So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to ask questions. Let us know how we can support you. Thank you for what you do

Hello from Baton Rouge, LA. I am sitting on the LSU Ag Center campus today and enjoying the “warm” weather!

I am in Baton Rouge this week for two reasons.

One – I am chaperoning the UTK Collegiate 4-H/FFA educational trip. These students at UTK have earned this educational trip through participation in activities within the club. Right now, they are touring campus while I catch up on e-mail. 😊 The rest of the week will be spent visiting research centers and other educational venues across Louisiana.

Secondly, I took advantage of this trip to meet with my mentor, Dr. Toby Lepley. Dr. Lepley (pictured in the photo with the 4-H members and me) is the Vice-Chancellor of the LSU Ag Center and the State 4-H Program Leader. When I became state 4-H leader, I immediately asked Dr. Lepley if he would serve as my mentor. In our roles within Extension, we face unique challenges and situations, and having someone from outside the state who can help give me perspective has been extremely helpful. I hope each of you, regardless of the number of years you have worked, have a mentor (official or unofficial) whom you can call on if you have questions or need advice. We are never in our jobs alone. No one is on an island when it comes to making decisions. We need people we trust in our corner who can help always help us make the best better!
Whether you are getting ready for camp or organizing your fall school calendar, please take some time this week to determine how you can grow as a professional and continue to best serve the youth of your county.

Thanks for what you do!