It’s Football Time in Tennessee

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Dr. Dwight Loveday

For most of you reading this, you are anticipating the 2018 season opening kickoff or have started another work week knowing the outcome of the UT-West Virginia game. UT football fans (and most Southeastern Conference fans) are very passionate about their football. On the sports radio show one fan was so anxious that he said he already had his “mouth piece” in and was “rarin” to go!

Many of you and your 4-Hers are passionate about the 4-H program. Last Wednesday, I listened to Coach Fulmer talk about the impact UT athletics has on the young men and women participating on sports teams. We watched a very touching video of athletes serving local and international communities through sports. He highlighted the leadership skills they acquire and the contributions they make by serving the community. 4-H professionals, does this sound familiar? 4-H provides the framework for youth to gain knowledge, life skills and to be productive citizens. At 4-H Roundup we celebrated the many hours of service that Tennessee 4-Hers contributed to their communities.

It's Football Time in Tennessee - Pruitt Family Photo from Knoxville News Sentinel
Pruitt Family
Photo from Knoxville News Sentinel

A story in the Sunday, August 26, issue of the Knoxville News Sentinel shared many insights about Casey Pruitt, wife of UT Head football coach Jeremy Pruitt. I share a quote from that story. “I grew up participating in 4-H,” Casey said. “Everyone thinks because I was raised on a farm that I showed animals, but I didn’t. I participated in the leadership program. That’s where I learned the importance of community service.”