It’s Not Too Late to Receive Your $1000 4-H Grows Incentive 

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Ryan Hensley, Executive Director, TN 4-H Foundation

The Tennessee 4-H Foundation would like to congratulate the counties that have participated in the 4-H Grows Campaign. To date this campaign has generated over $120,000 in new funds for county endowments and the 4-H Foundation has distributed $53,000 to participating counties.

It is not too late for your county to receive the $1,000 incentive! The 4-H Grows Campaign ends December 31. The 4-H Grows Campaign offers a $1000 incentive for county 4- H Programs to increase the value of local 4-H Foundation endowments.

How it works:

Between now and December 31, 2017, the Tennessee 4-H Foundation will deposit $1000 into your local 4-H Foundation expense account after the county raises $2000 for one of the local 4-H Foundation endowments. Example: If Wilson County raises $2000 to grow the Wilson County 4-H Endowment. Then the Tennessee 4-H Foundation will deposit $1000 into the Wilson County expense account.

The $1000 incentive will be available for you to spend on your county or regional 4-H Program and the $2000 added to the local endowment will generate around $100 per year for your local 4-H program.

Fine Print:

  • Only one $1000 incentive per county.
  • The funds must be new to the 4-H Foundation.
    • i.e. Funds may not be transfer from another 4-H Foundation account to receive the incentive.
  • Counties and regions may split the required $2000 into multiple 4-H Foundation en- dowments.

Example: If Loudon County raises $1000 for the Loudon County 4-H Endowment and $1000 for the Sara Brakebill Scholarship Endowment. Then the 4-H Foundation will deposit $1000 into the expense account of Loudon County’s choosing.

This is a great opportunity to grow local funds and the local 4-H program. The Tennessee 4-H Foundation is proud to partner with the you. Please help us invest in the youth of Tennessee.

Please contact Ryan Hensley or Lindsey Renfroe if you have any questions.