Log On! to Tennessee 4-H Camps

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A Summer Journey with our Tennessee 4-H Camping Center Staffs

Periodically, from mid-May through the beginning of July, we will be posting items on Facebook that will keep us in touch with 4-H Camp…and to remind us that the true “log on” is a bright 4-H Camp fire, together with friends.  See the Facebook page.

We will also be archiving those items on this page.  For more information about 4-H Camp, contact your County Extension Office.

Log On! for May 11, 2020 – Ever wonder what it is like to ride a zip line?  Get your chance by watching this video. W.P. Ridley 4-H Center in Columbia, TN will give you the ride of your life, so jump on.

Log On! for May 13, 2020 – Tennessee State 4-H Council member, Tim Held, has an inspiring message for us regarding 4-H Camp, “We will be back!”  And better that ever.  Watch this video for the message.

Log On! for May 14, 2020 – S’mores Galore:  Garrison Fogt with Clyde M. York 4-H Center demonstrates the time-honored art of making campfire s’mores, and how to do it without a campfire.  A special offer is included at the end of his video, so pay attention.  Special recipes’ are included with the demonstration.  Yum! Yum!  View the video.

Log On! for May 18, 2020 – 4-H Fossils:  JR Arnold tells us about the Fossil Room at Clyde Austin 4-H Center, and shows us some pretty cool fossils.  You won’t believe where they found the fish fossil!  View the video.

Log On! for May 21, 2020 – Water Quality through Metamorphosis:  Krystal Boyd with the Lone Oaks Farm 4-H STEM Program describes the fascinating world of aquatic insects.  You will see something that not many people have ever seen.  Watch and find out.

Log On! for May 26, 2020 – 4-H Archery at Ridley 4-H Center in Columbia, TN:  View this video to see what it is like to shoot a bow and arrow at 4-H Camp.  There is also a rifle range at 4-H Camp, and much, much more.

Log On! for May 28, 2020 – Try Tie Dye at Clyde M. York 4-H Center:  View the video, Garrison Fogt as he demonstrates the art of creating magical and mystical works of t-shirt wonders.

Log On! for June 1, 2020 – JR Arnold has a message about meeting new friends at 4-H Camp at Clyde Austin 4-H Center in Greeneville, TN.  View the video.

Log On! for June 4, 2020 – Tennessee State 4-H Council member, Cassie Lewis, looks forward to the time when we can all be back at Camp again.  View the video. Log On! for June 8, 2020 – Go Pro on a snake?  See if CCG at Ridley 4-H Center can figure it out.  View the video.

Log On! for June 11, 2020 – Garrison Fogt at Clyde M. York 4-H Center in Crossville demonstrates making paracord.  Click here to view the video.

Log On! for June 15, 2020 – JR at Clyde Austin 4-H Center in Greeneville teaches about Physics.  Click here to view.

Log On! for June 18, 2020 – Tennessee State 4-H Council member, Tucker Mountain, has a special message about being together again, real soon, at 4-H Camp.  See it here.

Log On! for June 22, 2020 – It’s a different world at night. CCG at Ridley 4-H Center teaches us about night creatures.  See it here.

Log On! for June 25, 2020 – Today’s video it brought to you by the letter, “O,” and the staff at Clyde M. York 4-H Center. See it here.

Log On! for June 29, 2020 – JR at Clyde Austin 4-H Center discusses sharks.  See it here.

Log On! for July 2, 2020 – Krystal Boyd with the Lone Oaks Farm 4-H STEM Program describes the 4-H Forestry program at Lone Oaks Farm.  See it here.