National 4-H Week

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Dr. Richard Clark

National 4-H Week is rapidly approaching and now is the time for counties to plan activities that will highlight the great work being done in 4-H. With that in mind, I wanted to toss out a few low cost ideas to increase public awareness. These are just a few ideas, be creative and find your own ways to involve your members and volunteers in the celebration

  • Ask schools for a bulletin board to display 4-H member work and highlight county 4-H activities
  • Have a 4-H Open House at the Extension Office and invite county officials
  • Download posters and flyers from the National 4-H Council website and put them at grocery stores and banks
  • Have youth create gift baskets for their teachers/principals/ superintendent etc. to thank them for supporting 4-H in their school
  • Schedule a National Science Day experiment during the week (it can be any science experiment or hands-on activity) – Have science teachers help conduct the experiment in their science classes
  • Have a 4-H service project done during the week to emphasize service learning – invite the media to cover the event
  • Get your newspaper to highlight 4-H and spotlight some of your out standing members
  • Have a National 4-H Week poster contest and post the top posters at the public library
  • Blow up green and white balloons with helium and get permission to take them to the main streets of town and put them outside businesses

4-H is all about creative hands-on education. Brainstorm with your 4-H members on how to make National 4-H Week special in your community!