New Co-op Partnership Profitable for County 4-H Programs

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Ryan Hensley, Executive Director, TN 4-H Foundation

The Tennessee 4-H Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative and your local Co-op. A limited edition t-shirt has been designed by Co-op to support local 4-H programs.

How much are the shirts?

Small, Medium, Large and XL shirts are $13.

$15 for XXL
$16 for XXXL

How much will my county get?

$5 for each t-shirt sold.

Where will the money go?

Funds raised will be deposited into the local 4-H Founda- tion account of your choosing.

How much money can we make?

There is no limit, the more shirts you sell the more money your county will receive.

New Co-op Partnership Profitable for County 4-H Programs

How does the program work?

County offices will collect orders and funds. Then counties will submit one order form (attached) and funds to the 4-H foundation by September 14. The 4-H Foundation will work with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative to have the t-shirts printed and shipped to the nearest member Co-op location. Each county office will pick up the shirts from the local Co-op and arrange for distribution of the shirts to those who placed orders.

Contact Ryan Hensley with questions.