Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Blount County 4-H Member

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“What a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience and a dream come true, I would have never imagined Buddy to come so far in his career; let alone walk the Neyland football field at the Vols UT Homecoming game. The spotlight felt real and so magical with sold-out tickets filling over 100k fans watching throughout the stadium. When we received the email that Buddy was chosen throughout the state of Tennessee to walk the path of Neyland we were in shock, I always imagined how amazing it would be for Buddy and I to have this kind of experience. I seriously can’t thank the 4-H association for giving me the opportunity, my 4-H agents, family, trainers, and all such supportive friends. Most importantly thank you Buddy for pushing through and trusting us to take care of you this weekend and being so brave, I love you so incredibly much bud, you truly are the world’s greatest gift.” -Sydney Herman, www.facebook.com, 10/23/22 used with permission.