Online 4-H Camp Volunteer Training Via extOL

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Daniel Sarver, Extension Specialist

The online 4-H Camp Volunteer Training program is housed in extOL.

All users (agents and volunteers) are required to create an account to enter into the module because this module is on the “public” site. Pay no attention to the site where it says, “UT and TSU employees should use the extOL Workforce Learning site. Just sign in with your NET ID.” This DOES NOT APPLY for this particular program.

The program is based upon the Success Guide.

For the 2017 4-H Camping season, this online training program will be available to counties as an additional tool to train adult and teen volunteers for camp. This online training program will not be a requirement for 2017, given the close proximity of the 4-H camping season, but it may be a requirement in future years.

Certificates will be awarded by the online program upon successful completion of the program, and counties can request that volunteers present this certificate to the county office for proof of completion. Successful completion is contingent upon a successful score on a quiz at the end of each one of the five modules.

Counties wishing to show this online program in a group setting will simply need to create an account, and show it to the group via projector, etc.

As with any new program, we request feedback on its use, and welcome any questions that may arise. We hope this will be a successful tool for training our 4-H volunteers.

All 4-H Camp resources for Agents can be found on the 4-H Youth Development website.