Photovoice – An Important Tool

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Joseph Donaldson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Using Photovoice for Community Needs Assessment and/or Evaluation was a fantastic webinar held recently for Tennessee Extension professionals. Our guest presenter was Dr. Laura Downey of Mississippi State University. Photovoice is a qualitative, participatory action research method. It takes place in the community, and empowers people to photograph their points of view. This approach has been used successfully to illuminate community concerns, assets, social issues, and public health concerns. Dr. Downey’s discussion highlighted the following:

Photovoice generates and encourages knowledge about individual and community issues. It can be a tool for obtaining broad community participation in needs assessment. It has been used successfully to involve under-represented individuals and groups.

Photovoice could be another avenue to involve your community in advising, leading, and evaluating 4-H youth development programs.

Watch the webinar recording.

If you have questions about this methodology and/or if you need assistance planning a photovoice event, let me know! I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with and assist you!