Pre-publication Project Area Guides Available

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Jennifer Richards, Assistant Professor

Project Area Guides (PAGs) are designed to provide learning activities that guide youth toward mastery of the project area outcomes. They are written at age and developmentally appropriate stages (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) and can be used in a self-directed, self-paced manner by youth, or used by 4-H agents and volunteers to guide instruction for a project group. PAGs are developed by the subject matter specialist in conjunction with the curriculum specialist and reviewed by a panel of 4-H agents, the state 4-H staff and regional program leaders before they are submitted to Marketing and Communications for publication as a web-based document. The PAGs will be reviewed every three years and updated as needed.

We have drafted or completed 15 Beginner level Project Area Guides. I am thrilled to be able to start releasing pre-publication prints from project area guides that are under development. The pre-publication prints have been peer reviewed, but have made it all the way through the Marketing & Communications publication channel yet. This means the content and pedagogy is solid, but the prints may not have the correct branding, indicia, or a publication number just yet. However, they are great resources to get your kids engaged in project work at home.

This week’s Pre-Publication Prints can be accessed by sharing the following links: