Public Speaking Continues to be a Strong Program

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Dwight Loveday, Interim Director and Statewide 4-H Program Leader

One of the nice things about Facebook is learning about the many good things happening in Tennessee 4-H. For the past few weeks, I have enjoyed seeing the results and the smiling faces of 4-Hers participating in county, sub-regional and regional public speaking events. I think back to my 4-H days when I dreaded the time for public speaking. I would do it; but, I sure didn’t enjoy the writing, preparing and giving the speech. I have had the opportunity to listen to many speeches during State 4-H Congress over the years and many state 4-H speech contestants shared my feeling in the beginning. However, the state qualifying speeches are quite impressive. Public speaking is one of the activities that 4-Hers will use for a lifetime. The value of being able to plan and organize your thoughts, communicate ideas and deliver with confidence in untold.

As I was writing this, I got an email from an agent that shared a mother’s gratefulness for the work of the agent with her son. In his speech, he also expressed his appreciation to the agent for their guidance. This is another example the impact of 4-H agent has on youth in the community. The training and care you provide guides that young person from being insecure to a confident speaker. 4-H helps youth develop confidence to try new and exciting opportunities. Keep up the good work!