Skillathons and Youth Leadership Life Skill Development 

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Christopher T. Stripling, Associate Professor

Last week as I watched youth exhibit their livestock in Murfreesboro, I was reminded of two research projects conducted by former ALEC graduate students. Did you know that youth perceived they had moderate gain in their youth leadership life skills develop as a result of participating in Tennessee beef and sheep skillathons? Tennessee youth believed they improved their ability to set goals; be honest with, respect, and get along with others; and handle mistakes. This suggests that skillathons should continue to be an integral part of the overall livestock program in Tennessee. Additionally, Tennessee youth indicated 4-H agents and guardians were motivating factors for participating. As a result, you should be encouraged and I hope you will continue to nudge your 4-H members to participate and inform their guardians of skillathon benefits.

Based on the following research:

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Skillathons and Youth Leadership Life Skill Development