State Fall Judging Day Results

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Justin Crowe, Extension Specialist

Fall judging day was held on October 19, 2019, on the University of Tennessee agriculture campus in Knoxville. 34 teams representing 28 counties gathered to compete in consumer decision making, dairy products, forestry and poultry judging. Results are as follows:

Consumer Decision Making


  1. Lauderdale County
  2. Coffee County
  3. Knox County
  4. Bedford County
  5. Wilson County
  6. Hawkins County
  7. Madison County
  8. Loudon County
  9. Cumberland County
  10. Henderson County
  11. Robertson County

High Individuals:

  1. Cassie Lewis, Lauderdale County
  2. Avery Lamberson, Wilson County
  3. Wren Lawson, Coffee County
  4. Joshua Wade, Bedford County

The Lauderdale County consumer decision making judging team will participate in the Western National 4-H Roundup in Denver, Colorado, January 9-12, 2020. Team members included Kelly Fitzpatrick, Cassie Lewis, Anna Mischler and Bethany Tustin. The team was coached by 4-H volunteer Mary Stiles.

The Knox County forestry judging team will participate in the National 4-H Forestry Invitational at Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Center in near Weston, West Virginia next summer. Team members included John Creech, Rachel Creech, Josh Griffith and Alyssa Ross. The team was coached by 4-H volunteers Shelly Griffith and Elayna Creech.



  1. DeKalb County
  2. Tipton County (A)
  3. Cannon County
  4. Rutherford County
  5. Knox County
  6. Williamson County
  7. Bradley County
  8. Tipton County (B)

High Individuals:

  1. Daniel Tallent, Knox County
  2. Mollie McKenzie, Williamson County
  3. Abbye Moore, Cannon County
  4. Lilly Martin, DeKalb County

The DeKalb County poultry judging team will participate in the National 4-H Poultry Judging Contest in Louisville, Kentucky, November 20-21. Team members included Lilly Martin, Megan Price, Clayton Crook and Jacob Williams. The team coach was Extension agent Leigh Fuson.

A special thanks goes to those agents and leaders who assisted with conducting the contests. Your help was appreciated. Congratulations to all parents, leaders and 4-H agents who made it possible for their county to participate.

Dairy Products


  1. Clay County
  2. Sumner County
  3. Sevier County (A)
  4. Sevier County (B)
  5. Monroe County
  6. Sevier County ©

High Individuals:

  1. Katie Mays, Clay County
  2. Molly Daniels, Sevier County
  3. Hannah Brown, Sumner County
  4. Austin Parker, Sumner County

The Clay County dairy products team will go on an educational tour. Team members included Katie Mays, Layla Boyce and Grace Rich. They were coached by Extension agent Haley Barnes.



  1. Knox County
  2. Putnam County
  3. Claiborne County
  4. Smith County
  5. Monroe County
  6. Carroll County
  7. Williamson County
  8. Moore County
  9. Hickman County

High Individuals:

  1. Cadence Howell, Putnam County
  2. John Creech, Knox County
  3. Bailey Steger, Putnam County
  4. Josh Griffith, Knox County


Dwight Loveday, State 4-H Program Leader

Nine teams participated in the Outdoor Meat Cookery Contest at State 4-H Judging Day, October 18. The event was held at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Results as follows:


  1. Anderson County
  2. DeKalb County
  3. Hickman County
  4. Macon County
  5. Henry County
  6. Clay County
  7. Jefferson County
  8. Morgan County
  9. Hardin County

High Individuals:
Beef – Sadie Chessor, Hickam County
Lamb – Meredith Grant, Anderson County
Poultry – Alexandra Stroud, Anderson County
Pork – Caleb Taylor, DeKalb County

The contestants were scored on their safety and efficiency; appearance; imagination and recipe; and palatability and attractiveness of the final product. Each member of the winning team will receive a $50 cash award.

Members of the winning Anderson County team included Bonnie Chandler, Meredith Grant, Alexandra Stroud and Lillian Vandagriff. They were coached by Extension agent Donna Carter.

The top contestant in the poultry division will participate in the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, November 20-21. Hansford Scott of Henry County will represent Tennessee in the National 4-H Chicken Barbecue Contest