Teaching the History of Extension and the Land-Grant University System – Issue 3

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Joseph L. Donaldson, PhD, Assistant Professor

History of Extension and the Land-Grant University System: Gertrude Warren

Last week’s Question and Answer:

Gertrude Warren is known as the “mother of 4-H.” Which of the following occurred under her leadership as USDA national program leader?

  1. 4-H membership increased by 1.6 million. (correct)
  2. 4-H membership increased by 500,000.
  3. 4- H STEM programs were first established.
  4. 4- H food preservation clubs were first established.

Gertrude Warren was teaching family and consumer sciences at Columbia University when USDA hired her as national program leader for 4-H. She was born on a farm in Pendleton, New York, and had a deep appreciation for agriculture. During her tenure, 4- H membership increased by 1.6 million in the United States. As the “mother of 4-H” she was inducted into the National 4-H Hall of Fame in 2002, and Warren Hall, on the grounds of the National 4-H Con- ference Center, is named in her honor. A new resource is Defining Moments: Review of Histo- ry of Extension and the Land-Grant University System Facilitation Guide. This publication is only available online.

This Week’s Question:

For the next few weeks, we will share a question in IDEA S. Test your knowledge and look for the answer in future issues of IDEA S.

Who described the land-grant mission as, “to solve the problems of poverty, to increase measures of happiness, to add to the universal love of country…and to harness the forces of all learning to the useful and the needful in human society?”

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Jonathan Baldwin Turner
  3. Justin Morrill
  4. Seaman Knapp