Tennessee 4-H Members Attend Ignite by 4-H

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Tennessee 4-H had great representation at the 2024 Ignite by 4-H Conference March 13th– March 17th, 2024.

Twenty students from Tennessee 4-H attended the Ignite by 4-H Teen Conference in Washington D.C.  Students participated in workshops on STEM, Agri-Science, Healthy Living, Career Readiness, and Emotional Well-Being. During this five-day conference, Tennessee 4-H members were able to interact with over 1,200 students from across the United States and Puerto Rico. In addition, to networking with their peers, students were able to meet with experts in the fields of Agri-Science, STEM, and Healthy Living. 

Students attending the conference visited the White House, National Archives, Museum of National History, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial. 

Students who attended Ignite:

Gately Pfeiffer- Giles County

Kaylee Garrell- Van Buren County

Tessa Palma- Robertson County

Allie Paschall- Henry County

Zaccary Ross-Knox County

Ava Stafford- Jackson County

Paige Costello- Carroll County

Hadassah Boyle- Knox County

Macy Sheppard- Montgomery County

Kaytlen Nunley- Warren County

Carolina Shank- Hamiliton County

John Wood- Hamilton County

Gabe Harville- Smith County

Levi Johnson- Campbell County

Mackenzie Katchem- Campbell County

Thomas Davis- Dyer County

Amelia Langford- Dyer County

Gracie Davis- Dyer County

Maddie Kate Wells- Dyer County

Ann Thomas Lowery- Dyer County

4-H Extension Staff:

Becky Willis- Dyer County

Kailee Anderson- Dyer County

Wheeler McCulloch- Giles County

Rebakah Melton- Jackson County

Lynne Middleton- State 4-H Office

Erin Ortiz- State 4-H Office