Tennessee 4-H’ers Successfully Compete at Western National 4-H Roundup

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

Simmons Named National Impromptu Speaking Champion

Simmons Named National Impromptu Speaking Champion
Tennessee 4-H members traveled in early January to Denver, Colorado to compete on the national stage at Western National 4-H Roundup. 

Dyer and Macon Counties had been named the first and second place state winners, respectively, in the Tennessee 4-H State Consumer Decision Making Judging contest last fall at UT Knoxville. Dyer County had the opportunity to compete in Consumer Decision Making at the FCS Classic in Denver. Macon County competed in the FCS Quiz Bowl. Additionally, two 4-H’ers placed in prepared and impromptu public speaking contests. 

Congratulations to the following Tennessee 4-H Members:
FCS Consumer Decision Making = Dyer County, 3rd place overall
FCS Consumer Decision Making = Amelia Langford, Dyer County, 4th place High Individual
FCS Quiz Bowl = Macon County, 3rd place overall
FCS Quiz Bowl – Leah Perkins, Macon County, 3rd place High Individual
FCS Fashion Revue = Ella Flynn, Macon County, 6th place
Impromptu Speaking = Dylan Simmons, Van Buren County, National Champion
Prepared Speech = Hadley Brown, Sumner County, 5th place