Two Volunteer Recognition Programs Featured at 4-H Roundup

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Daniel Sarver, Extension Specialist

Volunteers are at the heart of 4-H. They are making a difference in communities across the state, and motivating others to be involved in 4-H as well. The Tennessee 4-H Awards and Recognition program offers several opportunities for counties to recognize 4-H volunteers. You probably have several deserving nominees in your county.

In keeping with tradition, two Volunteer Award Programs will take place at 4-H Roundup this year: (1) The Charline Hamilton Powell Award Program, and (2) The W.M. and Ruth Hale Master 4-H Family Recognition Program.  County 4-H professionals are encouraged to take some time to review the requirements for each award program; and take advantage of a great opportunity to publicly recognize a family or outstanding volunteer.  The nomination forms can be found at: 

Charline Hamilton Powell Award Recognition

This program gives recognition to an outstanding volunteer leader who has served five or more years. Each county may submit one nominee to the region. Each region will select two nominees for state competition. The state winner receives the Charline Hamilton Powell Memorial plaque. Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kant of Blount County sponsor this recognition. The state winner will receive a trip to National 4-H Congress in Atlanta.  The nomination form (f842) can be found at:

W.M. and Ruth Hale Master 4-H Family Recognition 

The Hale Master 4-H Families receive engraved plaques at the regional level and a framed Tennessee Master 4-H Family medallion at the state level.  Eligible families must have one member actively involved in 4-H activities on the local and county levels (in such roles as 4-H member, volunteer leader, donor, etc.); and must have been actively involved in 4-H Club work for no less than five years, including the current year.  The nomination form (f840) can be found at:

Nomination forms for both of these recognition programs are due to the state 4-H office through the regional offices by June 1.  Check with your regional office for the regional deadline. If you have a volunteer that has been nominated in the past but did not receive the award, consider re-submitting an updated application. Please make sure they still meet all requirements.  Prior year winners can be found on the Tennessee 4-H Volunteer website at

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