Western National Roundup Lauderdale County Consumer Decision Making Team

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Lindsey Turner, Ext Program Assistant, Lauderdale County

Western National Roundup 2019
Pictured: Tammie Lewis, Bethany Tustin, Anna Mischler, Cassie Lewis, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Lindsey Turner
Pictured: Bethany Tustin, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Anna Mischler, Cassie Lewis

Mary Stiles, 4-H Agent, Lauderdale County initiated team winning state and then went on maternity leave in Oct. of 2019. Lindsey took over training from there.

Individuals attending were Mrs. Tammie Lewis, 4-H Volunteer Leader, Lindsey Turner, Lauderdale County Program Assistant, and team members were Cassie Lewis, Bethany Tustin, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Anna Mischler.