2018 4-H Photo Search Contest

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Carmen G. Burgos, Extension Specialist

Photo Search Contest is a great activity for youth to share and show skills learned in photography. New procedures are in place for the 2018 Photo Search Contest. Photo entries still need to be sent to the State office from each county. However, the digital file of the photo can now be entered via e-mail as a jpeg file instead of submitting a copy on a CD. Read the new procedure and guidelines and make sure they are followed to have a successful entry experience.

The new guidelines, entry procedure, and entry form are located on the 4-H web site. Select “Forms” from the top line menu of the page. Click on “Forms & Materials,” Scroll down to the “Entry Forms” section. Form F854 contains all the information and the entry form for the contest. Photo Search Contest entries are due June 5, 2018. All components of an entry must be in the state office by the due date.

2017 Photo Search - Flowers

Questions regarding the new guidelines can be sent to: Carmen G. Burgos.

2017 Photo Search - 2 Men with cow (one pushing the cow and one pulling the cow)
2017 Photo Search - Stairway and Open Door