2018 Tennessee 4-H Photo Search Contest

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Carmen G. Burgos, Extension Specialist

Entries Due June 5, 2018!

The due date for contest entries is rapidly approaching. Changes for this year’s contest were published in the March 29th edition of the Tennessee 4-H Ideas newsletter, (March 29, Vol. 18, issue 13). The changes are in regards to how to submit entries. Everything else is the same. The paper entry and the actual 5” X 7” photo are to be submitted to the state 4-H office by the agent. Contestants can send a .JPG file of the photo via email either to the agent or to me. The name of the .JPG file must follow the protocol specified on the contest information sheet. The specific protocol allows us to identify each contestant’s picture(s).

2018 Tennessee 4-H Photo Search Contest
2018 Tennessee 4-H Photo Search Contest

Please read and follow the new procedure and guidelines for a successful entry experience. The new guidelines, requirements and procedure, and the entry form are located on the 4-H web site.

  • Scroll down under “State 4-H Photo Search Contest”
  • Click on “Related Links”
  • Click on “Photo Search Entry Procedures and General Rules”

Photo Search Contest entries are due no later than June 5, 2018. Judging will take place shortly after the deadline. Late entries will not be judged. All components of the entry, (the entry form, 5”x 7” photo and the digital JPG file) must be in the state office by the due date.

Please remember, all entries must come from the county agent, the digital JPG file can come from the contestant or the agent.

Send questions regarding the new guidelines to Carmen.