2020-2021 4-H Health Rocks! Grant Recipients

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Shelby Brawner, Extension Specialist

Congratulations to the following counties for being selected to receive the 4-H Health Rocks! grant for the 2020-2021 program year. 4-H Health Rocks! is a program based on decision-making and appropriate health knowledge with its beginning level curriculum targeted at youth ages 8 to 12, and intermediate level targeted at youth ages 12 to 14. This experiential education program is facilitated by teen/adult leadership teams to help youth learn key messages and skills such as critical thinking, how to manage stress and peer pressure, how to communicate effectively, and how to critically analyze media messages. Special emphasis is placed on drug, alcohol, and tobacco use prevention.

Health Rocks Grant Recipients State Map

The program also includes components that bring youth and adults together as partners in developing community strategies preparing young people to make healthy choices. Developing life skills, such as communicating with others, dealing with stress, and critical thinking, help youth develop internal strength to resist risky behaviors. Health Rocks! is designed and implemented on the belief that prevention programs that incorporate experiential learning, life skill development, and decision-making will truly reduce tobacco and drug use in our young people.

Once again, congratulations to these recipients:

  • Blount County, Amy Berger
  • Bradley County, Lynne Middleton
  • Clyde Austin 4-H Center, Scottie Fillers
  • Clyde York 4-H Center, Lacy Harnage
  • Coffee County, Michelle Matthews
  • Crockett County, Tonya Bain
  • Davidson County, Andy Lantz
  • Dyer County, Becky Willis
  • Hardin County, Sondra Ganus-Thorne
  • Lauderdale County, Mary Stiles
  • Lewis County, Shelly Ray
  • Madison County, Kane Reeves
  • Moore County, Brenda Hannah
  • Pickett County, Amanda Woody
  • Ridley 4-H Center, Terri Quillin
  • Tipton County, Brigitte Passman
  • Union County, Alyshia Victoria
Health Rocks! Inspired to be Substance Free