4-H Camp Preparation Timeline

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Daniel Sarver, Extension Specialist

Greetings County 4-H Staff and Key Volunteers! Listed below are some things that you can do in September and October to get ready for Summer 4-H Camp 2019.



  • 4-H Camp Promotion starts – Promotion can focus on the previous summer camp experience of camper testimonials. A summer camp slide show or video can be shown as well.
  • Send “Save the Date” postcards to all potential returning campers.
  • Give parents access to any camp photos that were taken, and post the camp group photo on your county social media page, if appropriate.
  • Add a “countdown to camp” calendar to your county website.
  • Publish a monthly countdown until camp in your county newsletter.


  • Meet with adult and teen volunteers to discuss success stories and possibilities for improvement. Share this information with your Regional Office. Recruitment of 4-H Camp volunteers and Teen Leaders
  • Recruitment of 4-H Camp volunteers and Teen Leaders start, see the 4-H Volunteer Development site.


Fund Development

  • Schedule fundraisers and speak to clubs about holding fundraisers to sup- port camp attendance.
  • Order/Find a small token for your gift certificate program that the gift giver can wrap and give as a gift to the camper.
  • Develop and promote the gift certificate that goes along with the gift certificate program.