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Daniel Sarver, Extension Specialist

We have some great 4-H camp staffs ready to work with some great campers! The 4-H camping season is almost upon us, and the staffs at Austin, Ridley and York are definitely up to the task. After this past weekend’s training session, they are pumped up and ready for the summer. This year’s staffs are energetic, smart, enthusiastic and committed to the four priorities of safety, health, education and fun. Be ready for some intense, positive youth development this summer! We are committed to putting the greatest “H” first, the heart!

As a reminder from this past spring’s planning meetings, this year’s junior camp curriculum requires planning and preparation from all involved (teens, volunteers, etc). Please be ready ahead of time. In addition, if you need to contact the camps regarding the curriculum or schedule, please do so early, preferably at least seven days before your camp group arrives.