Credit Card Use Information for 4-H Camp

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Daniel Sarver, Extension Specialist

If your county is using Online Marketplace for credit card purchases of Junior 4-H Camp, or any other camp, please follow the directions below to set this up:

  • Please wait until you are certain of your camp costs before setting up Online Marketplace. As a reminder, and for example, the base cost of Junior 4-H Camp without using a credit card is $281, and that would correspond to a credit card charge of $296.
  • If you have any county costs for camp (such as t-shirt or transportation), you can add it to the $281 fee. The credit card fee is 5% of the total. You may also be able to split the payment of camp for your camp participants, thereby setting up payment plans.
  • Send an email to Carla Phillips and let her know your total camp cost.
  • Also let Carla know about any special instructions, such as an opening and closing dates of your Online Marketplace 4-H Camp site, or payment plans.