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Jennifer Richards

Need some fresh lesson plans for your virtual or in-person clubs?

Check out these newly published lessons and curriculum:

W932 Harmonica Harmony: Understanding Sound (Brigitte Passman)

This lesson uses student participation as a means of talking through the elements of sound then applying those elements to create their own harmonica. There is a short recap activity you can complete with your students to gauge overall comprehension.

W928 Passport Adventures with 4-H: A STEM Curriculum for 4-H Clubs (Tonya Bain & Matt Adams)

This curriculum is designed to focus on science, engineering and math through hands-on activities conducted in small group settings. Students will work together to complete four STEM challenges as they explore North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

 W929 Island Biogeography: The Distribution of Animals and Plans on Habitat “Islands” (Bridget O’Banion & Jennifer DeBruyn)

In this lesson, students will be introduced to biogeography and what defines an island. They will think about how island size and distance from mainland might influence how animals and plants arrive on islands.

W930 Bug on the Run Design Challenge: Help a Hexbug get to the Zoo (Jennifer DeBruyn & Tonya Bain)

In this lesson, students will participate in a design challenge where they have to build a maze for Hexbug micro robots, providing elements of habitat along the way.

W933 Learning on the Move: Kinetic Energy Cars (Leigh Fuson)

In this lesson, students will learn more about the types of energy and understand that the force of gravity affects energy transfer. Students will explain the difference in weight and mass as well as how they affect force.

Also, check out the new Entomology Project Area Outcomes!

(W927-A, 927-B, 927-C): These outcomes will guide 4-H’ers through developing knowledge, skills, and dispositions related to Insect Basics, Arthropods, Insect Pollinators, Diversity of Life, Exotic and Invasive Insects, and Harmful and Beneficial Insects. Please email me with specific curriculum requests or needs!