Dairy Products Judging Results

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Daniel Sarver, Extension Specialist

The State 4-H Dairy Products Judging contest was held in Murfreesboro at the Rutherford County Ex- tension Office on October 17, 2020. The contest is sponsored by the American Dairy Association of Tennessee; the Tennessee Dairy Products Association; and the Tennessee Association of Extension 4-H Workers.

The state winning team is Sumner County A (team members are Ivy Adams, Austin Parker, Maddie Rippy, and Makayla Williams).  

Results are as follows:

Dairy Products Judging (Team Results)

  • Sumner County A
  • Tipton County B
  • Tipton County A
  • Sumner County B

Dairy Products Judging (Individual Results)

  • Ivy Adams – Sumner County A
  • Rachel Brizendine – Sumner County B
  • Makayla Williams – Sumner County A
  • Austin Parker – Sumner County A
  • Savannah Long – Tipton County B
  • Jacinta Fritz – Tipton County A
  • Ethan Wilson – Tipton County B
  • Madison Rowland – Tipton County B
  • Kateri Fritz – Tipton County A
  • Leanna Gray – Tipton County B