Feature Friday: Sarah Myers, Crockett County [Health Rocks!]

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Sarah Myers is a 12th grace 4-H member who has been very instrumental in the Crockett County Health Rocks! programs. Sarah serves as a Health Rocks! Student Ambassador and has helped with our “Health Rocks! Bash” for the past five years. Each year, Sarah leads an educational booth related to tobacco/drug prevention and reaches more than 650 youth annually. This year, Sarah also set up an educational exhibit on the dangers of smokeless tobacco at our county-wide Red ribbon Week Kick-Off Block Party. Sarah has taught after-school 4-H programming to more than 50 youth (monthly) and has encouraged our youth to stay drug/tobacco free. She has also created an after-school program that focuses on how the lungs work, and how tobacco can effect the lungs. We truly appreciate all that Sarah does for the Health Rocks! program in Crockett County.

Feature Friday - Sarah Myers