Fleece Show 2021

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Aaron Fisher, Extension Specialist, Youth Livestock and Equine Programs

Tennessee Sheep Producers Association (TSPA) is pleased to announce the 2021 Fleece Show will be held at Sheep Expo.  Sheep exhibitors are encouraged to save their best fleece from the spring shear to enter in the contest. Prizes will be awarded for the Grand and Reserve Fleeces.

Rules:  Fleece must be from an ewe owned by the exhibitor. 

Maximum of two fleeces per exhibitor.

Fleeces will be entered by registered breed, and classes for cross bred ewes.  Each class must have at least three fleeces entered to be a separate class.  Those breed classes with less than three fleeces will be entered in all other breeds.

Fleeces should be tied with cotton or wool cord and placed in a clear plastic bag.  No plastic feed sacks and not tied with baling twine.

Fleeces will be accepted prior to the breeding sheep show- TBD.

If you have questions you may contact:
Mark Shedden rmnps@bellsouth.net TSPA wool committee chair
Dee Wolters twolters@bellsouth.net TSPA wood committee member