4-H Professional Development Trainings Abound in February…

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and There is Still Time to Register!

Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

UT/TSU staff, if you have not signed up for your 2022 4-H in-services, be sure to take advantage of the numerous training opportunities coming up in February. There are six sessions offered on the topics of scholarships, technology, camping, recognition programs, and e-portfolios. Additionally, there are training sessions that have been designed specifically for new agents, as well as some for more seasoned agents.

There is something for everyone!

Note:  There was a problem with the original registration link in SUPER.  This has been resolved.  If you have already registered, there is no action that needs to be taken.  If you have attempted to register before, but could not access the registration page, please try again!

4-H Day Camps 101 (New Agent Training)
 Instructor:  Daniel Collins

          • WR = February 8
          • CR = February 10
          • ER = February 16

4-H Day Camps 201
Instructor:  Daniel Collins

          • WR = February 9
          • CR = February 11
          • ER = February 12

Creating with Canva
Instructor:  Shelby Brawner
*Reminder – Registration ends February 13

          • CR = February 21
• WR = February 22
• ER = February 23

Build a Successful Consumer Economics 4-H Project e-Portfolio
Instructors:  Marci Hethmon (FCS) and Lori Gallimore

          • WR = February 22
• CR = February 23
• ER = February 24

Creating Outstanding 4-H Recognition Programs in Your 4-H Clubs:  A New Agent Training
Instructors:  Jamie Harris and Lori Gallimore

          • WR = February 25          
• CR = February 28

Engaging 4-H’ers in Meaningful Project Work for e-Portfolio Success
Instructors:  Jennifer Richards, Lynne Middleton and Lori Gallimore

Because of low registration numbers, the “Engaging 4-H’ers in Meaningful Project Work for e-Portfolio Success” was canceled earlier this month.  It has been rescheduled for the dates and locations below.  Registration is reopened in SUPER2.  If you have already registered and still plan to attend, there is nothing that you need to do.

• ER = August 22
• WR = August 24
• CR = August 26

Just a friendly reminder…all of us are required to have 32 hours of professional development training each year!  There are a lot of in-services being offered this year!  We look forward to seeing you!