Fundraising, Technology and 4-H Project Work Headline In-Service Offerings for January 2022

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

If you have not signed up for your 2022 4-H in-services, time is running short on taking advantage of topics offered in January!

Beyond Bake Sales and Car Washes
Instructors:  Ryan Hensley and Christie Henderson
         • WR = January 19

Where’s Waldo?: An Introduction to GPS and GIS Technology
 Instructors:  Tom Broyles and Reginald Archer
          • CR = January 11
          • ER = January 13
Engaging 4-H’ers in Meaningful Project Work
Instructors:  Jennifer Richards, Lynne Middleton, and Lori Gallimore
          • CR = January 10
          • WR = January 11
          • ER = January 18

Just a friendly reminder…all of us are required to have 32 hours of professional development training each year!  There are a lot of in-services being offered this year!  We look forward to seeing you!