It Matters

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Justin Crowe, 4-H Director and State Program Leader

It is very easy for us to become complacent and take things for granted. Oftentimes when we have done the same programs year after year, it’s easy to pull out the file, change the date, and not give it a whole lot more thought.  But it is also important to remember that year after year, we are working with a new group of young people. These young people are excited about 4-H and excited about the opportunities ahead of them. 
Recently I was talking with a group of collegiate 4-H members, and they were reminiscing of their jr. high and high school 4-H days.  One talked specifically about running for an office and the  more she talked, the more excited she got.  It was very obvious to me that position mattered to her. Those experiences mattered to her.  They were in many ways life changing for her and it helped me realize that 4-H matters. 
Oftentimes again, we take things for granted, we think about the fact that we are giving up another weekend or that we’ve been there and done that and gotten a t-shirt.  But for the young people that we serve, it’s new, it’s exciting.  We should remember that as we are planning programs and as we are working with young people.  While the new has worn off for some people, it’s brand new for many others.  4-H really does matter.