TN Sheep Producers Association Sponsors Fleece Show at Sheep Expo

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Aaron Fisher, Extension Specialist, Youth Livestock and Equine Programs

TN Sheep Producers Association held the fleece show at Sheep Expo in Cookeville on Friday, October 22, 2021. Junior Exhibitors were able to enter up to two fleeces per breed in the show. There were 17 fleeces from 6 breeds entered. All the fleeces were judged on staple length, crimp, weight, color, and strength.

Sarah Powell from Wilson County had the Cheviot Fleece that was selected as Grand Champion. She received a stadium chair embroidered with the award name and year. 

Allison Gilliard from Knox County had the Reserve Champion Fleece, from her Oxford ewe. She received an embroidered garment bag.

Both prizes were provided by Jane and Kim Caufield, Lincoln County sheep producers. 
Judges were provided by the TN Sheep Producers Association. 

4-H members involved in the sheep project are encouraged to keep their best fleeces from spring shearing to enter in the fleece show to be held at Sheep Expo 2022.