Virtual Program Delivery for Agents & Program Assistants

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Jennifer Richards, Associate Professor and Curriculum Specialist
Trudi Neubeck
Nearpod Think Tank

Nearpod is a F-U-N and Interactive virtual program delivery tool that agents and program assistants can use in F2F or virtual clubs, training judging teams, in-person interactive programming, volunteer training and even by sending 4-H via online lesson to the school for curriculum enhancement!   

If you are an agent or program assistant and don’t have a user account, you may request one using this survey link.

What is Nearpod? Its an interactive presentation software that allows you to present lessons, videos, and conduct formative assessments such as matching pairs, quizzes, polls, draw-its and the super fun Time to Climb interactive game. This software is designed for distance learning, hybrid, and school-based settings.  

How would you use Nearpod? You can use Nearpod in a variety of ways from virtual clubs, training judging teams, in-person programming, volunteer training, etc. The sky is the limit.  Best of all, there is a school library with lessons ready to use! Want to see Nearpod in action? Try out a lesson from the school library!

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