Info to Know: Tide Pod Challenge

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The Tide Pod Challenge

The current “Tide Pod Challenge” is sweeping the nation. Teens are being challenged to consume plastic laundry detergent pods and post a video of it to social media.

What is the “Tide Pod Challenge?”

  • Teens attempt to consume a plastic, laundry detergent pod
  • Challenge first began as a joke, but now poison control centers are warning parents about this dangerous activity
  • Risks of this viral dare include: choking on the liquid by inhaling it, vomiting, change in blood pressure & heart rate, having seizures, and losing consciousness
  • Ingredients in the detergent can burn the mouth, digestive system, and stomach
  • When teens partake in the challenge, they upload videos of themselves eating the pods & post to social media for validation

Why you should NOT partake in the “Tide Pod Challenge”

  • It’s incredibly dangerous. It’s essentially ingesting poison.
  • Ingesting even a tiny bit can lead to serious health repercussions.
  • If the detergent makes its way into the bloodstream, the effects could be fatal.

Watch this video on keeping your family safe.

YouTube is now deleting any channels that have any videos of people eating the laundry detergent pods.

Info To Know - Tide Pod Challenge