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Justin Crowe, 4-H Youth Development Director and State Leader

COVID-19 has brought with it challenges for many families. Young people have been restricted, in many ways, to receiving instruction at home and have very limited experiences to be in contact with friends and extended family. Where there have been gaps, 4-H has been there. Where they had needs, 4-H has been there. I have been so impressed by the level of engagement by our extension staff, volunteers and 4-H members in thinking of alternate ways to reach our clientele. From online sessions on social media to virtual 4-H camp experiences, there is a lot of excitement about keeping 4-H projects and activities ongoing. With the fall fast approaching, a think tank has been assembled to consider all options as we move into the fall and consider programming.

Our team is committed to ensuring that 4-H will continue to provide meaningful opportunities that help our state’s young people grow and be successful.