Tennessee Farmers Cooperative Announces Nevalena Preston as Winner of Second Annual 4-H T-Shirt Contest

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Tennessee Farmers Cooperative proudly announces Nevalena Preston as the winner of the Second Annual 4-H T-Shirt Contest.

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative proudly announces Nevalena Preston as the winner of the Second Annual 4-H T-Shirt Contest. Nevalena, a talented fifth grader and member of the Sumner County 4-H Club, emerged victorious in this statewide competition, sponsored by Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC).

Nevalena’s exceptional design stood out among the numerous entries, securing her the top prize. Her creative and captivating approach impressed the judges, making her a well-deserved winner. Her submission beautifully showcased the spirit of 4-H, particularly highlighting the many opportunities for members to engage with livestock.

Chosen first over more than 25 entries, Nevalena’s design resonated strongly with the judging panel. The evaluation process involved careful consideration and her design received high praise for its originality and creativity, perfectly aligning with the contest’s objectives.

As the grand prize winner, Nevalena will receive an iPad and Apple Pencil valued at $600. Additionally, she will be presented with five T-shirts featuring her winning design later this fall. Her creation will be proudly featured on T-shirts available for purchase at participating local Co-ops and Stockdale’s stores, with a portion of the proceeds going towards supporting Tennessee 4-H.

TFC Chief Executive Officer Shannon Huff expresses heartfelt congratulations to Nevalena for her remarkable achievement. “Her exceptional creativity, talent, and unwavering dedication to the core values of 4-H are brilliantly displayed in her winning design,” adds Huff. The organization eagerly anticipates the positive impact her design will make as 4-H supporters proudly wear the T-shirts across Tennessee later this fall.

The third annual contest will be held February 15 to March 31, 2025.

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