4-H Health Rocks! Publicity Campaign

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Joseph Donaldson, Assistant Professor

Since 2008, 165,364 Tennessee youth have completed at least 10 hours of instruction in the 4-H Health Rocks! program. Youth in this program have developed attitudes toward a healthy lifestyle, improved skills in managing stress, and built assets for productive living. We are gathering photos and quotes from Extension 4-H Agents, parents, volunteers, teens, and others for our ongoing 4-H Health Rocks! publicity campaign.

  • You are invited to participate! Send us a head and shoulders photo, quotation about the program, and a publicity release statement.
  • See the photo and quotation below for an example of how these may be used in various publications, posters, and social media.
  • Complete and sign the Consent and Publicity Release form.
  • Everyone can participate! Again, we are looking for broad representation across the state from Extension 4-H professionals, parents, volunteers, teens, and others.
  • Send photos, quotes, and release forms by August 1 to Hanna Adams.
4-H Health Rocks