History of Extension and the Land-Grant University System: Extension Mission

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Joseph L. Donaldson, PhD, Assistant Professor

Last week’s Question and Answer

Who described the land-grant mission as, “to solve the problems of poverty, to increase measures of happiness, to add to the universal love of country…and to harness the forces of all learning to the useful and the needful in human society?”

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Jonathan Baldwin Turner
  3. Justin Morrill
  4. Seaman Knapp (correct)

Seaman Knapp (1833-1911) was the second president of Iowa State University, known as Iowa Agricultural College at that time. He developed the farm demonstration method after he went to Louisiana to develop the state’s agricultural resources in the Western part of the state. In 1902, he was employed by USDA to promote better agricultural practices in the South. The bridge in Washington, DC, is named in honor of Knapp. It

links the USDA buildings on both sides of Independence Avenue. A new resource is Defining Moments: Review of History of Extension and the Land-Grant University System Facilitation Guide.