2023 4-H Outreach and Engagement Committee

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Janiece Pigg, Extension Assistant

With an impactful youth development organization such as Tennessee 4-H, community and youth outreach, engagement, inclusion, and accessibility has become an increasingly important aspect of our programing to effectively serve youth from all backgrounds in Tennessee.

The Extension Assistant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Janiece Pigg, is announcing the call for participation in the newly formed, 4-H Outreach and Engagement Committee. The 4-H Outreach and Engagement Committee will seek to mold the foundation of the DEI and accessibility initiatives and projects across Tennessee 4-H. Potential projects include: DEI informational resources factsheets development, youth recruitment and retention, DEI scholarships and recognition, and evaluation of accessibility and educational accommodations.

This committee will be a minimum of a one-year commitment initially, with the potential of an additional year(s), if desired. The committee will meet, virtually, 1-2 times monthly to discuss outreach and engagement efforts and ongoing projects.

4-H agents who have a passion to further progress DEI and accessibility initiatives in Tennessee 4-H are welcome to email their interest to Janiece Pigg at jpigg5@utk.edu, by February 1st, 2023. Regional Program leaders will be consulted to select additional committee members, and those selected will be notified by February 6th, 2023.