2022 In-Service Opportunities

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

This coming Friday (November 12), Tennessee 4-H Agents will be able to access the registration links to 28 in-service opportunities for 2022.  The listing will be posted to the 4-H website under “Resources”.  In this listing, you will find not only the link to the registration, but also details and descriptions about the trainings offered next year.  Curious to know what professional development experiences will be available to you?  The following is a list of the topics:

“Public Speaking Revisions and Planning”
“Where’s Waldo:  An Introduction to GPS and GIS Technology”
Robotics and Drones 101
“Beyond Bake Sales and Car Washes”
“Clyde York 4-H Camp “Fun”damentals
“Misconceptions, Misperceptions, and Miscommunication”
“Engaging 4-H’ers in Meaningful Project Work for e-Portfolio Success”
“Healthy Livin’ Y’all”
“Creating with Canva”
“Vibrancy and Sustainability Can Happen through the County 4-H Shooting Sports Program”
“Preparing Senior High 4-H’ers for Their Next Chapter”
“Creating Outstanding 4-H Recognition Programs in Your 4-H Clubs:  A New Agent Training”
“Revitalizing Your 4-H Honor Club Program”
“This Thing Called an e-Portfolio:  A New Agent Training”
“4-H Scholarships:  Are Your 4-H’ers Leaving Money on the Table?”
“You be the Judge:  A Judging Team Simulation”
“Challenge Course/Team-Building Initiatives Training”
“Build a Successful Consumer Economics 4-H Project e-Portfolio”
“B.E.S.T.: Building Exceptionally Skilled Teachers”
“Putting the Pieces Together of Service Learning”
“It’s the ‘Why!’:  How to Get 4-H Volunteers Motivated”
“Using Virtual Platforms to Teach?  YES!  PLEASE!”
“4-H Day Camps 101”
“4-H Day Camps 201”
“Behind the Scenes:  4-H Talent and Performance Programs”
“Big, BIG Maps – Exploring Tennessee”
Low Ropes Course Training – Ridley
Medal of Honor Character Development