Juanita Fasola Foundation Grants Announced 

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Ryan Hensley, Executive Director, TN 4-H Foundation

The following were recently awarded over $34,000 in grant funding from the Fasola Foundation:

Blount County
Cheatham County
Davidson County
Hickman County
Hardin County
Jefferson County

Madison County
Marshall County
Rutherford County
Titpon County
Washington County
Eastern Region

The next opportunity to apply for mini grants from the Fasola Foundation will be announced in Ideas when it becomes available.

The Juanita H. Fasola Foundation offers funding for educational programs that target youth and young adults in basic life skills and home economics.The Fasola Foundation funds projects focusing on consumer education and nutrition; cookery; clothing; sewing; textiles; parental education and childcare; hygiene; health care management; household economics and management; household equipment; house cleaning; and housing.The Foundation is also interested in funding projects, which offer educational training and opportunities for the learning disabled, including but not limited to dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, speech auditory disorders, and/or educational rehabilitation.

Ms. Fasola, a former Extension worker, was a strong supporter of the Tennessee 4-H program.