National 4-H Week Activities Schedule

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National 4-H Week Activities Schedule


Outdoor Hacks – post a video or photo on your best hack for an outdoor skill.


  • Best knot to tie down a tent or awning
  • Create hotdog cooker
  • Camp chair repair
  • Backpack strap or zipper fix
  • Boat motor tie down
  • Sun shade solutions
  • Any outdoor hack or skill you want to demo today. 

Going outdoors is easier if you know stuff.


Wild, Wildlife Photos – post a video or photo of any wildlife encounters you may have had recently or one you have today.


  • Squirrel hanging upside down in my backyard
  • Birds fighting over a French fry
  • Baby bluebirds in a nest
  • Hummingbird eating while flying
  • A picture of yourself with some wild game you harvested.
  • Watch something wild today.


Outdoor/Campfire Cooking – post a video or photo of you demonstrating how to cook a create snack or meal outside in the backyard or on a campfire.


  • Roasting a juicy hotdog
  • Grilling a steak
  • Hobo meal on a campfire
  • Cobbler in a Dutch oven
  • K-Bobs on the grill
  • Pizza in a cast iron skillet
  • Anything You can cook outside

Smell something cooking today.


In, On, and Around the Water – post a video or photo of you getting wet, or not so wet.  Just get outside and enjoy the water.


  • Kayaking on a local pond
  • Crossing a creek while on a hike
  • My first time driving the boat
  • Riding a tube behind the ski boat
  • When it rains I like to…
  • Me and my dog in the duck boat
  • Any activity you can participate in that involves water

Be safe on the water today.

Friday & Saturday:

Gone Fishing – post a video or photo of you going fishing.  Remember to get a license if you are 13 years old or older.


  • Me and my big fish
  • The time I caught a turtle
  • Fly fishing in my new waders
  • My trifecta – bass, bluegill, and catfish all in the same day
  • Whatever you want to post, just go fishing!